Make a bet on ending aging

Aging kills 100,000+ people everyday. It causes immense suffering.  

And yet much less than 1% of the $400 Trillion total global wealth is allocated towards prevention of the root cause of all age-related disease: biological aging. 

How much is an extra decade of healthy, youthful life worth to you? To your family? What if we could significantly extend youth and health?

Is stopping aging worth at least taking a small 1% bet of your resources?

The signatories below think so. 

Join them by pledging to allocate 1% of your net worth towards funding companies, researchers, and advocates in the longevity movement.

We pledge 1% to companies and organizations working to extend health and stop aging.

# Profile Name Affiliation Link
Nathan ChengFounder of, Co-founder of The Longevity Biotech Show. @reaNathanCheng
Idan Solon
Laurence Ion
Thomas Aurdal
Michael Weiss Co-Founder @ Ai4 @weissiam
Alexey Strygin CEO, Gray Matter LinkedIn
Guilherme Guidolin de Campos Angel Investor, Oisín, Leucadia, Repair, Elevian (tbc), Methuselah Fund LinkedIn
Ryan van der Harst LinkedIn
Merijn Schakelaar FinalStand @mschakelaar
Andrew Bakst Bizantine Capital LinkedIn
Karl Pfleger (founder) LinkedIn
Joakim Vesterlund The Interwebz™ @aeropyornis
Anar Isman CEO of AgelessRx LinkedIn
Ben Lerch Pacific Biosciences LinkedIn
Andreas Amorin Private @AmorinAndreas
Daniel Ives CEO, Shift Bioscience LinkedIn
Baciu Adrian None @Adrian06661136
Sebastian A. Brunemeier Biotech founder & VC. Fmr Cambrian Biopharma, Apollo Ventures, Revivo Therapeutics, Equator Therapeutics. LinkedIn
Chris Linnell Canadian Longevity Association/ @ChrisPollyanna1
Elena Milova Chief Operating Officer, Lifespan Extension Advocacy Foundation / LinkedIn
Qiao Wang @QwQiao
Vincent Weisser tech founder / investor @vincentweisser
Joshua Farahzad stealth biotech startup LinkedIn
Mark McCormick @labmccormick
Patrick Dugan Founder of TradeLayer @duganist
Kento Inami @kentoinami
Timothy Roy @coyotespike
Henri Hayungs LinkedIn
Brent Nally Co-founder/CEO of Longevity Plan. Lifespan News host. Longevity interviewer. LinkedIn
Adam Gries tech founder / investor LinkedIn
Robert Powles LinkedIn
Natasha Wiscombe Biohacker, Growth Architect & Founder @NatashaWiscombe
Brandon Frederick Sr. Finance Manager, Exosome Diagnostics, a Bio-Techne Brand. CPA/MBA LinkedIn
Marc P. Bernegger Maximon, Longevity Investors Conference, Bernegger Ventures, ... LinkedIn
Johannes Hagemann Software Engineer and Entrepreneur interested in AI and longevity @johannes_hage
Bolek Kerous Associate / Co-founder / Volunteer @Foresight Institute / Volunteer @European Longevity Initiative @bolekkerous


Hi, my name is Nathan Cheng (@realNathanCheng)

I’m a Toronto-based longevity evangelist and the creator of the 1% Bet for Longevity. I’m also the author of the Longevity Marketcap Newsletter.

In 2020 I founded and I’m also the co-founder of The Longevity Biotech Show.

My mission in life is simple: To grow a wave of passionate people building, funding, and championing technologies that extend healthy human lifespan.